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Mission Statement

United Association Local 179’s objective is to represent all workers in the plumbing and pipefitting industry and to work together as partners with our contractors to provide the highest standards of quality workmanship and production for their clients in the Province of Saskatchewan..

On September 1, 1906 the United Association issued the charter for Local 179. This charter charges the membership of Local 179 with the obligation to protect the trade jurisdiction of the United Association in the plumbing and pipefitting industry in the Province of Saskatchewan and to extend the influence of the United Association to embrace all individuals employed in the plumbing and pipefitting industry in Saskatchewan.

To achieve this goal we must supply our contractors with highly skilled and dedicated tradesmen committed to providing the highest standards of quality workmanship and production. We must work together as partners with our contractors to make them the preferred choice with the clients. We must use creative and innovative strategies to bring all piping trade workers in Saskatchewan into the United Association.

It is through these actions that we will be able to achieve the benefits we rightfully deserve as fair compensation for our labour. These benefits include job security, health and welfare benefits, a living wage, a safe working environment, and a comfortable pension. We will only have achieved our mission when every individual in the Province of Saskatchewan who earns their living by working in the plumbing or pipefitting industry is a member of the United Association.

Standard for Excellence

Without question, United Association members are the best trained, most highly skilled and hardest working building trades people in our industry today, bar none. Despite this fact, every day we hear reports that the union sector is losing ground and that construction owners, as well as many in the general public, believe that working union equals overpriced and under skilled workers with bad attitudes and a sense of entitlement.

As we all know, nothing could be further from the truth, but it is up to us to change the negative view of unions that has persisted for far too long. The UA is taking positive steps to change that perception, in part through our Standard for Excellence program. This program is explained in detail in the video that is available through the link below. I hope you will take a few minutes to watch this video, and that you will join with me in making a commitment to the principles of this program. By doing so, you will help ensure that, for years to come, the United Association and our contractors will be the number one source for skilled labor in our industry and that we will gain the respect we deserve.

Fraternally yours,

William P. Hite
General President
UA Canada

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Unemployed Workers Help Centre If you hear family, friends, neighbors', etc mentioning they are or someone they know is having issues with EI, you can tell them that there is an outfit, the UWHC, which is supported by your union that gives help to any worker having trouble with their EI claim. Check out the website by clicking the link below:

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