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Industrial Negotiations Bargaining Update

August 29, 2014

Industrial Negotiations Bargaining Update

Dear members of UA Local 179,

Collective Bargaining for the UA Local 179 Industrial Agreement for the Province of Saskatchewan continues between our negotiations committee and the CLRS. We have now completed eleven full days of bargaining which began on April 16th and most recently August 28th 2014.

Following our July 16, 2014 negotiations, we proposed ten possible additional days to bargain. We were very disappointed that the CLRS responded they were available only one day, August 28, 2014. That being said, we are pleased with the progress that was made in bargaining on August 28th

We have scheduled one final day of bargaining for September 9, 2014. The main points that we continue to bargain over are monetary concerning Wages, Subsistence and Travel. We hope to reach an agreement to take to the membership on September 9th. If we fail to reach an agreement, the next step will be conciliation.

I would like to again thank the negotiations committee for their continued resolve as we work together to do our best to represent the membership in negotiating a mutually beneficial collective agreement. 

I thank the membership for your patience and understanding. I assure you that myself and the rest of the negotiations committee want to reach an agreement as quickly as possible. I will continue to keep the membership informed and provide updates as things progress.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

In Solidarity,

Troy Knipple
Business Manager
UA Local 179


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