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Passing of UA 179 Member Ronald "Ron" Johnson

February 21, 2024

Ronald "Ron" Allan Johnson

JANUARY 22, 1959 – FEBRUARY 11, 2024
Obituary of Ronald
Ronald “Ron” Allan Johnson

January 22, 1959 - February 11, 2024

Recently the world got a little bit smaller with the loss of one of God’s children. Born on a monday in Vancouver BC on the 22 of January, 1959. Ron met the love of his life at just eighteen years old in North Vancouver at Elim Chapel. Laurie Robertson and Ron dated for a year and half before they married on April 6, 1985. Ron is survived by his wife of 37 years Laurie, his five children Treena, Brittany (Luke), Charity, Russell and Chantelle, his sister and half brother Maureen Johnson and Edward Manuel. Ron was creative, inventive, curious and caring. He was a skilled pipefitter and overall excellent craftsman. Throughout his life he demonstrated his artistic giftedness being able to play a seemingly endless array of instruments (most favored his violin), and being able to draw anything he could see or imagine. His surviving children inherited all of his unique quirks, finding success in life in more unique ways as writers, artists and chefs with all of them being adventurous, caring and curious people. Ron Allan Johnson lived to be just 65 years old before the Lord called him home. He will be missed dearly and remembered fondly. May he rest in peace.


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