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The J. Russell St. Eloi UA Scholarship

September 24, 2013

The J. Russell St. Eloi UA Scholarship Fund
The J. Russell St. Eloi UA Scholarship Fund Society was established to keep alive the vision Mr Russell St. Eloi had, which was equal rights for all and affirmative action – a vision he fought for all his life. Through his dedication of over 50 years Mr St. Eloi helped further his vision and made the UA in Canada what it is today. Mr St.Eloi’s death in 2005 left us with the determination to start a scholarship fund which would contribute to the advancement of trades opportunities to those who would not normally be able to afford it. This opportunity will be offered to all Canadians in the hope of spreading Russell St. Eloi’s dream that all Canadians may enjoy access to meaningful employment, fair treatment and the ability to fulfill a career in the piping trades.

To support higher education including, but not limited to technical and vocational training, and to enable individuals to gain access to career opportunities in addition to relieving financial hardship.

The J. Russell St. Eloi UA Scholarship Fund Society was established to administer the J. Russell St. Eloi Scholarship Funds and is responsible for overseeing the administration of the Scholarship Programme which annually awards up to six $1,000.00 bursaries and one scholarship of up to $1,000.00 to successful applicants.

The Society Board is responsible for promoting the J. Russell St. Eloi Scholarship programme across Canada and is responsible for establishing the eligibility criteria for scholarship applicants.The Society Board is responsible for selecting scholarship winners.

The Society Board is responsible for notifying successful applicants and for arranging the presentation of awards.

The J. Russell St. Eloi Scholarship Fund is directed to individuals wanting to enter the Piping Trades or those wishing to serve a Piping Apprenticeship. The Fund was established to enable career opportunities and to relieve financial hardship. Eligible applicants can apply under one of the following four Scholarship categories:

• Category 1 – For individuals who have a demonstrated history of academic achievement.
• Category 2 – For individuals on the basis of financial needs.
• Category 3 – For individuals under-represented in the skilled trades, based on gender, cultural background and/or other factors.
• Category 4 – For individuals displaced in their careers due to unexpected economic circumstances, requiring support in career transitions.

You can apply online at or by filling out the attached pdf.

All personal information that you provide to the J. Russell St. Eloi UA Scholarship Fund Society is used for no other purposes than to administer your scholarship application.

For more information about the scholarship or for information on how to donate and support the J. Russell St. Eloi UA Scholarship Fund Society visit their website at:

UA Local 179 is a proud supporter and contributor of the J. Russell St. Eloi UA Scholarship Fund.  We recently donated $1,000 to the fund in September of 2012.



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