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Sask Piping Industry Instructor Job Posting

September 21, 2021

Membership Of Local UA 179  

RE: Saskatchewan Piping Industry Instructor Job Posting

Good day Brothers and Sisters

We have exciting employment opportunity as an instructor for Saskatchewan Piping Industry Joint Training Board. This position is open to any members in good standing with Local 179 and 5 years post Journeyperson experience.  Please submit the following to no later than 4:30 pm  October 4, 2021. 

·        Proof of membership in good standing with Local 179

·        Proof of Inter-provincial Red Seal Journeyperson Tickets

·        Proof of Valid Driver’s License

·        Resume with Cover Letter

·        Proof of Safety Qualifications

·        Proof of any adult education or applied certifications


Fraternally Yours

Brad Funk

Director of Training




Saskatchewan Piping Industry Joint Training Board

Instructor Job Description

Regina, Saskatchewan

Reporting to: Provincial Director of Training

Purpose of the Job:

To assist in training SPIJTC’s Work Ready Safety Program and other Curriculum for the membership at large by ensuring they have the necessary skills and technical competencies as per industrial standards in cooperation and collaboration with Local 179.  The Employee shall create and foster positive working relationships with all necessary stakeholders and provide mentoring with respect to the apprenticeship program, facilitate conflict resolutions, provide written reports, and maintain accurate records, provide recommendations, and develop program information as required.  


This position provides direction, leadership, and day-to-day operation of the SPITC’S Work Ready Safety Program and Instructing Saskatchewan Piping Industry’s Current Pipe trades programs as mandated by the Saskatchewan Piping Industry Joint Training Board and Local 179.  You must demonstrate initiative, resourcefulness, and problem-solving skills in applying a detailed knowledge of the responsibilities, functions, and underlying management structure of the organization and of the larger institution in organizing and independently prioritizing work, establishing procedures and systems, and ensuring orderly and timely workflow.

The ability to work in a fast-paced environment, sometimes under pressure, remaining flexible, proactive, resourceful, and efficient, with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality is crucial to this role. 

This position requires exceptional written and verbal communication skills, strong decision-making ability, and attention to detail.  You must have the ability to work effectively with a variety of persons.

Management (20%)

  1. In collaboration with the Provincial Director of Training, implement policies and procedures and manage the daily operational activities as it relates to the Apprenticeship Program, and Work Ready Safety Program
  2. Maintain data and management systems as it relates to the Apprenticeship Program, and the Work Ready Safety Program
  3. Prepares monthly and annual reports as required
  4. Report program information to outside agencies as required
  5. Maintain compliance with national organizations and governments alike
  6. Manage and coordinate program logistics
  7. Attend Board meetings and ensure the preparation of documents and reports as necessary

Training, Programs & Services (75%)

   This role demands a high degree of organizational, interpersonal, and multitasking skills. Working closely with the Board of Directors and the Provincial Training Coordinator, this position is responsible for the implementation of our Work Ready Safety Program and Instruction of other courses implemented by Saskatchewan Piping Industry.

  1. Assist in the review of course/program curriculum and make recommendations to the Director as required
  2. Develop Course Outlines for Training Programs and Courses as directed
  3. Take prudent steps to protect the ownership and copyright of the JTC’s training property, including intellectual property
  4. Maintain a listing of all equipment, tools and supplies used for the Training Programs
  5. Manage and maintain the Regina Training Facility which includes the Weld Test Center its tools and equipment
  6. Assist in the planning and development of joint programs with other members of the education staff
  7. Organize committee to provide technical and advisory assistance to review, analyze and revise as required the various training programs
  8. Participate actively in the development of codes associated with the piping trades
  9. Provide detailed monthly written reports to the Director or as requested by the Director of Training

Union (5%)

  1. Become and remain a member in good standing of Local 179 of the UA
  2. Maintain effective communications with the Local Union and the employers with respect to relevant matters
  3. Develop and maintain an effective working relationship with the Local Union, the employer’s association, the UA Training Department, affiliated JTC’s in other jurisdictions and other groups or organizations as appropriate


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